According to the U.S. Travel Association, more than 76 percent of those who venture out for leisure travel do so by automobile, making that classic road trip still as popular as ever. While getting to here from there can be enjoyable, it can also have its stressful side for those who don’t do their pre-road trip prep work.

Fill Her Up on Apps

The modern traveler has a number of advantages over their predecessors of just even a decade or two ago. For instance, cell phones have now replaced those call boxes that were once placed a mile or more apart for emergency situations. Those cell phones are good for more than just calls. Loaded with the latest apps, you can now avoid many of the pitfalls that once plagued less-equipped travelers. The following are two apps that will make your road trip a little less stressful:

Tripadvisor: Tired and can’t drive any further, but don’t want to end up at the Bates Motel? Then download TripAdvisor’s app, which will give you access to approximately 100 million reviews of hotels and attractions from fellow travelers, according to Google Play.

Bedbug Registry: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the bedbug population is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, bedbugs aren’t just a problem for low-budget rooms. They can be found in five-star hotels, as well. That is why having the Bedbug Registry app on your mobile device can be very helpful. This app keeps track of traveler’s complaints regarding where and when they encountered bedbugs.

Assurance With Insurance
Before you head out on the road, do a quick once-over of your insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage, and whether or not it includes towing and other emergency service. According to Nasdaq, you will also want to check to see if your insurance covers other people who may be sharing driving duties with you on your road trip. If you discover your coverage is inadequate, shop around.

Latest Security System
Have you ever driven several hundred miles and suddenly experienced that gut feeling that you’ve either left something on the stove or forgotten to lock the front door? While you are almost 99.95 percent sure you didn’t, that tiny possibility in the back of your mind is not only causing you to fret, but it’s also ruining your mood. If you have a tendency to worry, it may be well worth the investment to install a security system that will allow you to use the Internet to lock your front door, or that has cameras so that you can watch what is going on in your home, even when you’re away.

An Emergency Kit
Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but you should always have certain items in your car, depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions. For example, in the winter, you should have a shovel, a blanket and kitty litter for traction, just in case you get caught in snowy or icy conditions. If you are traveling through the Outback, Death Valley Mag recommends you store water, food rations, a blanket, a flashlight and other items in your vehicle.

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