There are hundreds of apps to help you relax and deal with personal stress. Many of these are extremely useful in assisting you to stay fit, do stretching exercises, check your heart rate etc. However, the universal problem with all of these is that after a while you can forget to use them and so their usefulness is lost.

Often in the software or tools that we use there are resources that can make a big difference to your day by saving time and increasing productivity. There are two that I want to share with you and the first one is well established and the second in beta.


A friend of mine was having trouble with Siri and abused it and it no longer works for her. However for most people this simple iOS app can make a significant difference to the way you use your iPhone or iPad.

In order to get the most from Siri you need to understand the many ways in which you can use it. Quentin Moore from Tech Blog has produced a full list of Siri Commands that will absolutely amaze you. There is so much that Siri can do via voice commands that you should be speaking to it regularly. Please take a few moments to check out Quentin’s List. You can also get a quick list of commands by asking Siri for “Siri Help”.

Sherpa Personal Assistant.

Android is not quite up to the performance of Siri but there are a number of apps attempting to do so. My favorite is Sherpa Personal Assistant which is a free app available from Google Play.

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